Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Coast was
okay tonight but it was the first hour I wanted to listen to: Seth Shostak and his reaction to Arts guest Steven Greer Sunday night saying that several key astronomers at SETI said that they have been receiving Et signals for years etc. and some Govt agency has been jamming these signals etc. So surprise, surprise on the Coast Website the first hour was about Seth Shostak of SETI and his reaction to Greer’s claims. I like listening to Seth. He had some interesting things to say but he “answered my question” throught the call in portion about how SETI is using earth bound technology to look for Et signals assuming they use earth bound technology. Radio waves. No wonder why we’re not able to find any civilizations out there. Seth was right though, radio waves is the best technology we have to work with for the time being. Even if we don’t get a signal some good science is being done. I don’t think we’ll ever get a signal this way. The best hope for finding Et is the Kepler planet finder mission and that’s going up in Oct 2008. Kepler is a 4 year mission to look for earth like planets in what's called the Habitabale Zone.

Anyway, I worked on NW earlier and the begining is there. I augmented the early middle and I'll be working on that as well but right now, I want to do an early cbi thing and go to bed.


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