Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Anne went
out for a bottle run just now. I’ve got water on the stove for a coffee. Coast was pretty good last night. I stayed up until 4am to watch HAWT and The Rifleman. I slept for about an hour and got up to do the cbi thing then back to bed before 6. I slept from 6-11:40am and watched the last half of The Rifleman. I’d say, I had 6 hrs sleep and I slept a bit listening to Coast. So I had enough sleep.

I was watching a news bit this afternoon on the Oil boom here in Northern Alberta and related to the population explosion here as well. It seems that just this year alone, Alberta will have 15,000 new babies born just this hear alone. By 2010 close 18,000 babies born. That’s almost 60,000 new babies being born over the next 4 years. Pretty amazing. The price of oil/barrel today showed $74.90.

Another story I heard last night this is the 30th anniversary of the Viking Mars mission. Two years later I remember as a young lad of 26 boarding a Via rail train from New Westminster BC to Edmonton in August 1978. Thinking I’ll be gone from home for a few days and be back soon. I stayed ever since. But when I left the comfort of my home in New Westminster week of Aug 15th 1978 I had all the intentions of returning home. Hard to believe that was 28 years ago.

As I said Coast was pretty good last night. Richard Hoagland still thinks there are artifacts on the moon from an advanced civilization. With the earth being 4.5 Billion years old, why not that advanced civilization originate here from earth maybe say a billion years ago? If SETI can’t find Et (looking for Et radio transmissions.) since SETI began what 25 years ago and found nothing so far, where has everybody gone? The answer is we’re looking for radio transmissions. Something we use here on earth is to assume that if we use radio then so must Et which is asinine. Et isn’t going to use radio transmissions to communicate anymore then Christians are going to pray to Pagan Gods. Et using radio transmissions is like looking for terrorists because of the color of their skin. An advanced civilization isn’t going to use radio signals just because we do. So what kinds of communication will an advance civilization use? I mentioned yesterday they could use telepathy. They may use an inter-dimensional form of communication. They might use photons, or even tachyons or even gravity waves. Speculative Science fiction is loaded with no shortage of ideas on the topic but radio waves? Come on. I read that SETI, or a branch of SETI or something like it or bla, bla, bla, is considering using laser pulses in micro second bursts to the nearest star systems. That’s a little better then radio waves. More on this another time.

Anyhow, that’s all for now.


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