Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Anne had another
day off and she escorted me out of the building before she went to pay the rent. I headed off to work. Work went slow tonight. I had a $35 credit card sale and we we’re almost out of taps and into the semies by break. I did my bsl reading sitting at 5.7 just before 9pm and I ended up with $372. John and I were fooling around the last hour but I ended up getting a $105 sale. Five tickets. Good stuff. I was glad to get out of the building and it must have rained outside because the sky was all pink and blues and reds. Very nice. So, tonight, I’m having a small lunch during the news and we’ll give Pledges his medicine. I’ll do a bit more on NW and hit the sack about 1:30am and give my wife a little pampering anf listen to Coast for a bit and pass out. Do it all over again tomorrow. Well, sort of. We only need to pay the rent once a month.


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