Thursday, August 17, 2006

Anne and I
went into work without incident. As soon as I got off the elevator the pay cheque line up began forming. I found a place and got my cheque. Everything right as always. Only 18 hrs this week but the bonus kind of made up for it. Day 2 BOB and I had a pretty good start to the night. I ended up with just under $600 by break and did $819 and a $25 credit cars. I had a pretty good night. I got out of there 5min early and got the 9:11pm train to Clairview and home to an empty house, leading me to believe that Anne is still at work. Tomorrow I’m out the door a bit earlier as I want to go in for the 1:30pm shift. Kind of makes up for missing Monday by an hour. Also, third week in a row, I made bank bonus. It's not much, but $20 bucks i #20 bucks.

I had an awesome writing shift before lunch/shower earlier. I did 1,500+ words and I had a pretty good time. Stuff was just flowing. I’m going to do a bit more, maybe close out with 2000 words for the day. Also, I’m going to work by scenes, not Chapters. The Chapters come later, when I organize the pacing. Right now, it’s just scene by scene. More later.


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