Wednesday, July 05, 2006

It was a slow night.
I think I had under 20 sales and I ended up with $670 and I closed off on a verified $100 sale. I was relieved to get out of there and but was met with a wall of humid breezy air. I was glad to get into Carona concourse and stamp my ticket and after a brief wait I caught the train home. Ticket police were out in their usual form. I produced my ticket. No problem. I got off at Clairview and up the stairs to an awaiting bus home. I saw Anne ready to walk across the street waved but I didn’t think she could see me through the screen tint of the bus I was on but she waved back. I met her out side. She pointed out the Sun-set to me as the Sun was a red ball. Very pretty. Damn I need batteries for my camera. I think I’m going to get my book next week and batteries this week. I might get $60 this week. When I get those batteries and able to do outdoor shots, I’ll be posting more and more pictures this summer.

I’m still working on a scene by scene outline for NW and I’ve come up with what could be some interesting story lines. When I get the character sheets fleshed out I think this book will get published. The concept (I think) is fresh and I like the characters.

Anyway, that’s all for now.


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