Tuesday, July 04, 2006

I had a brief wait
out there in the hot Sun. It was about +29 out there if not 30* My bus came by after a 5 min and I got down to Clairview station and the Train came by. Only 2 cars on the track yesterday afternoon going in. Well, that’s because a lot of people had Monday off and of course with school out and all. Work went slow but there’re were just 4 dialers doing All Star Baseball, including mine. The other tap shooters were doing CFB. I think by break I was at $130. I had a slow night pulling in a shallow $403 and a $15 credit card. By 8:20pm, I was glad to get out of there. I almost forgot to stamp my ticket at Carona staition and I had to double back upstairs. When I caught the train, there was only one car on the tracks. No more then a glorified trolley. Edmonton during “Summer break.” Good thing I got that ticket stamped because the lrt police were out shaking ticket offenders down and they busted one rider a seat away from me but they got their man for the night and they all got off at the next station. They can have one train on the tracks and 4 ticket Police out. This City can get nuts at times. There was a time not that long ago when riding the train underground during peak hours was a free ride but the City probably felt they were losing money.

Anyway I got to Clairview and waited a bit for the bus. I figured I may as well walk home which wasn’t that far away. I was working up a sweat waling across the Super store lot, when I came in and I had a quick shower and freshened up. Anne made me some lunch and I heard the news about Chris Pronger traded to the Ducks Jeff Lupul (local product) he has another brother I think still in playing in the NHL (San Jose?) and the Oilers also got defense man Ladisav Smid plus a first round 07 draft pick and a few other concessions. I think it’s a strong deal for the Oilers but I think the Ducks got the better end of it. But time will Tell. Lopul has only been in the NHL for 3 seasons and his first year he scored 28 goals. His second I think 16 but he only played 75 games. He was Anaheim’s Playoff sweetheart this last playoff run and he’s a local boy. Given a chance, I think this guy could be another Ryan Smyth.

Getting away from hockey other thing I’m left wondering is if the space shuttle will fly today? I don’t think so but anything is possible.

Tonight on Coast during the first hour George will have a JFK update. That won’t be until 3am but worth listening to. If I can stay up for it. After that the topic will be about The Mobius strip and parallel universes. Tues: Cosmic mysteries. Wed: Alien mind, Thur: Space News. Fri Open lines. So this week Coast has a bunch of good shows going on. Good stuff.

Tomorrow I’m up working more on NW creating the opposition character and the rest of them this week. Then I work out planning the scene sheets of the novel. Still on track to write it on Labor Day weekend. I hope.


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