Monday, July 03, 2006

Anne must have
left quietly because the door was locked the air conditioning on and I woke up at about 1:30pm. I was in bed by 1am and I gave Anne a small br. I know she wished it was longer but my neck was soar (like it has been for a few years now) and I could only give her a small br. I was in bed lights out, Air conditioning on by 1:30am. I was sleeping so soundly until Anne came in and woke me up. She turned the unit off to save it and I didn’t sleep much at all until 6am. Off and on. I got up just before 6am and did the cbi thing and tried to sleep. Hard to do without that air conditioner on. When I saw her get up to go to the bathroom I suggested to turn the air conditioner back on. It was really warm in the bedroom and soon cooled off. I fell asleep shortly after 7. I remember thinking I’d like to get up to watch HGWT and The Rifleman but I needed sleep. I had a huge headache from this morning. I woke up suddenly around 1:30pm feeling refreshed and a lot better. Anne must have locked the bedroom door to allow me to sleep. She must have gone on that bottle run and hadn’t returned yet.

Ahh, she just came in now.

So all-in-all I must have had 8hrs sleep. At the moment it’s 28* out there today. Should be 30* and even 31* for Wed but we’re supposed to get a break and have some rain on Thursday. Would be nice to have a nice long rain shower. All day, Sun and rain on Thursday and rain again on Saturday.

I worked on the main character for NW and now I’ve got to do the opposition Character. Or OC, the Best friend and romantic interest. Each has their own strength and weaknesses and each one has their own motivations and goals.

I’m going into work this afternoon. Anne suggested I stay home but I want to cover my Stat pay butt here because I can’t trust Rob for screwing me out of it because I missed going in today. I’ll come home and watch Raw and the news and go to bed.

That’s all for now.


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