Sunday, July 02, 2006

Anne mentioned
that there is an old rebroadcast of Saturday night live from 1982. Musical guests, The Clash. I looked it up on the net and the song they are going to play is “Should I stay or should I go.” The show starts at 2am but the musical guests like in Dave, usually is on at the end. But the show is aid originaly Oct 9th 1982. They played here July 29th 1982 that same year to only 5000 people and I believe Edmonton was the last show on their North American tour. I had a chance to go see them but Theresa and I were having trouble and we were in the process of spliting up at the time so I had a lot on my mind. I know Eugene went. The concert was on a Tuesday night July 25th. I should have an entry in my old 1982 diary about the show.

There's a lot to cover here and post here so once again I'll post the whole thing.

4:35am SNL was on until 3:30am and Ron Howard said “Once again, The Clash.” they did “Should I stay or should I go.” It wasn’t very well done but it was nice to see Joe on stage and in a Mohawk haircut. That was 24 years ago. I would have been 30 approaching 31 with a feeling of dread that I’m getting old because I’m out of my 20’s. There was a half hour left in the show and the Clash came on to do another set. To my surprise they did “Strait to Hell.” Anne liked that one a lot better and it was nice to see Joe sing again amsiling away on stage. You could tell they were having fun.

So we went to bed and listened to Coast. Ian Punnet brought on Richard Hoagland talking about why the delay in the space shuttle launch yesterday. We listened to their usual conspiracy frolic and I turned it off at 4am trying to sleep but at 4:20am, I couldn’t sleep so I came out here to kill some time until 4:45am which is in just a few minutes and I’ll do the cbi thing and go to bed for real.

Watching The Clash brought back a lot of memories and I went through my 1983 diary when I moved into Trudy’s basement and saw what I was paying for that one bedroom about the size of this office. $185. I was taking home just over $300/2weeks, which wasn't bad for that time. Also I used to paste movie ticket stubs intto my diary, and when Charles, Ellen, Helga, and I went to see “Return of the Jedi” Thursday May 26th I paid $5.50 to get in. But $22 for 4 of us. Pretty amazing. When I moved into the bachelor apartment on 156th my rent wasn’t that much more then the one bedroom. $225/month. But I had to pay utilities and at Trudy’s in the basement, So it was $40 bucks more. I think the monthly utilities at the time were $30/month. I also had cable there for awhile. But I was out of that Co-op situation and my first real apartment.

12:20pm sleep came hard for me when I finally returned back to bed at 5am. I think all-in-all I might have gotten about 3-5 hrs. I don’t often stay up that late. Usually I’m in bed by 2am on a Sat night and sleep for 3-4 hours get up to do the cbi thing and sleep until 11am-ish. But where I got into trouble was letting Anne "con" me into watching a SNL archive that had Ron Howard with musical guests “The Clash” It was worth staying up late to watch. Brought back memories.I wish a had a PVR or some such thing to tape it.

Anyway the space shuttle launch was put on hold yesterday “due to bad weather” and I can see that. They might try and launch it today. There’s that and the NHL trades and deals going on in the NHL camp plus I’m working on NW and trying to beet the heat at the same time. They are forecasting it to be a hot one today. Hot all week.

I want to see if the Oilers are going to make a big trade and get another key guy. This stuff happens on an hourly basis during these NHL trade deals as they get guys in to tweak their roster for the next season.

Anyway, that's about it for now. I'm going to make my Blog rounds and get ready for brunch. Anne calls it brunch. I call it lunch really. Our mid afternoon meal before we head out the door to work.


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