Tuesday, June 20, 2006

So much for the Oilers. They came so close. Carolina came out hitting and that's where the Oilers should have came in, right off the bat but they didn't. Well, there's always next year.

Rather sad due to all the adversity the Oilers over came just to get to a Game #7. They were a long shot even to make the playoffs little alone the finale. 8th place Oilers upsetting first place Detroit, then if that wasn't enough they take out San Jose, then Anaheim to get out of the conference. Then losing our net minder in game #1 the Oilers were a right-off. Add all that to the last 13 Game #7 finales in NHL history, the home team has won 11/13 times. The odds were against them from the start. The Oilers might not get this far again. At least not in my life time, but it was an incredible run. The Oilers are going to raise two banners this year: Mark Messeir's retirement number 11 and the conference Championship.

I'm currently going over the initial rewrite of the CH story. At work, I'm planning for my next story. I got the working title for it even but I'm going to ge this done up first before I work on the next story.


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