Monday, June 05, 2006

looks like the wife talked me into staying home tonight :-) I mean working 6 days is enough. I put my time in and I write good totals. Sorry Will. Besides the bills are all caught up and paid for. Also, I'll be paying my lodge dues on Friday. I've got the $100 for that (which includes money for the festive board.) Besides, I might not get to watch an Oiler Stanley Cup finale playoff game this year because most of the games are on the week days. Game #4 is next Sunday. I can watch that one but the actual Stanley Cup game itself won't be until (if it goes 7 games) June 17th. And that will be on a Saturday night. I'll be able to watch at least one game. Besides it's summer and I haven't had two weeks off in years. So I don't feel bad for missing tonight.

So tonight, I'm going to watch the Oiler game and wrestling after that. That should make me all tv'd out.

Anne's making hamburgr helper for lunch right now. That's okay. The game starts at 6pm tonight when they drop the puck.

Also, since the lodge dues are already earmarked for this week Anne says it looks good that I'll get some extra cash, Ram for my Computer after the lodge dues are paid up. This machine is very slow. To slow to play games on but then it's not a gaming platform anyway. I didn't buy it for that.

Speaking about games I'm considering getting a next Gen Playstation (PS) when it comes out but I haven't heard much about it. What I'd like to do is to get a PS that I can hook up here to the PC and get the Xbox for the big screen. But there are other issues like HDDVD formats etc. It's quite a mess. But before I get the Xbox, I want to wait until the bugs are worked out of the system. Over heating is one of the main ones. More on that later.

Go Oilers Go


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