Sunday, June 25, 2006

Well, I’ve been
working on subject verb agreement in CH I made the first pass and I need to do a lot more work. The basic story is there.

I took the garbage out about 30 min ago and it was very warm out there. Right now it’s still about +18.

The above occured kust after midnight this morning. man did that travel pill ever work on me last night. It was working within the hour I took it and by 2am it was lights out. I slept from 2am until 8am, a good solid 6 hrs. I tried going back to bed after I did the cbi thing but sleep came hard. I had this notion about if I go in tomorrow where can I store my insulin? In the fridge in the kitchen? I’m not very well liked amongst the staff I work with. Many of them are jelouse of my life style. They’re jelouse of me because I don’t need to work 9-9 hrs like most of them do. So if I leave my novelin pen in the fridge, how long would it be until either someone steals it or tampers with it? Our place is very transiant. But I’m going to go in anyway and work from 1:30pm - 9pm. If my insulin Pen remains fine, then okay. I’ll put more hours there. At least for now Will no longer has his stereo blarring away. So this was bothering me when I came back to bed. Another thing I was thinking about was to ask the Pharmacy on the main floor if they could hold my insulin Pen for me. But I’m not a customer of theres, yet.

The whole idea for putting in the extra hours is so I can not only earn some extra cash but so I can get on the company medical plan. I won’t have to worry about paying I nsulin out of pocket. AHC doesn’t cover that. Also, I can get fresh needles and test strips and I can do my testing 4 times/day like I would anyway.

The only thing about this is will my writing suffer? I use the time from 11am-2pm for my writing and Blogging. I’d be up at 10am so I have from 10-12pm for my blogging and I have when I come back. I can write from 9-11pm when it’s time for lunch and of course on the weekends. When I’m ready to write the Real version of Et, it will be just after the Labor Day. My goal will be 1,000k/day and 2k weekends > to 10k/week. I should have the novel rough draft written by the Remembrance Day weekend. Leave it alone for a month and then work on it through out the Spring. I should have the complete novel ready to go by July first. One year from now actually. That’s the goal.

Anyway, I’m onto my first coffee. The people above us have their kid running around above us. These people are not good neighbors. The older couple we had before those idiots came in were always quiet. We’ve never had a problem with them and they were here living upstairs since I moved in here with Anne in 2,000. The place was quiet. Anne thinks it’s a cat running around up there but that’s a kid. No cat makes that kind of noise.

Working the extra 9hrs/week Rob will put me up to $X/hr. Since were no longer utilizing the bank rate bonus anymore. The base @ would be $X./week. $X and change. Vp would be around $16/week. Now if I can get that held back and take it out in one lump sum at the end of next year, by this time next year I should have a good $X @. Plus a cheque of $X there abouts, that would be a Gross @ of $X M/l. Of course the Feds are going to take their lb of flesh. They’ll take that $X+ off the top.

I’ll be left with probably just under $1,000. Anne will get her $X @ out of that and I should be left with maybe $X @. Also, if I end up getting $X @ less Vp $X, Anne gets her $X. I’d get $X to me. I’ll keep the $X and bank (uss) $100/week. Now if I can do that for a full year, there’s $X not including the interest, Not including the Vp ever Dec. So, $X. I’d like the first year of that to be my own. Then the second year after that in ‘08 with $X we can think about moving out of here to some place that’s a little more quiet. I know all the X and the @ sounds confusing but it's too personal. The real stuff is in my diary.

Anne is up and brunch will be starting soon. I'll watch Daneil Boone and I want to go over to FS and compare Ram pricing. I don't know if I want to do that or just call them from work and get a quote over the phone. I want to work more on CH this afternoon.

Speaking of Daneil Boone Tv show Fess Parker was on Annie Oakly last night in a supporting role before he started as Daneil Boone. That was cute. One reason why I like watching the old Westerns. Not only are the stories good but you get to see these old stars before they made their acting name.


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