Saturday, June 10, 2006

Well Frank
was a no show this afternoon and that put me off. I need a cell phone. I've been trying to avoid getting one because I'm not in contact with a lot of people. Other then work, my wife, my lodge. My social life is dismal to say the least. A typical day will be- up around 6 to do the cbi thing go back to bed until about noon. Watch the noon news until about 12:30pm after the markets and go on the computer until 2:30pm. Get my shower and get ready for lunch (supper) at 3pm. We usually watch Hogan's Heroes. By 3:30pm we're getting ready to pack up our bags, lunch etc and by 3:50pm I'm catching the bus out here for work hauling Anne's bag along with my own to meet her at the lrt. We're usually on the train by 4pm. She gets off a The Bay, I get off at Carona. I'm usually in the office just before the 4:30pm shift changes. I have a coffee scout for a newspaper and realx until 5pm. Then I'm at the computer/dialer/station from 5-6:45 when we get a Big 10 min break. Whoopie. Then the second half and work until 8:55pm, call my Total and I'm out the door asap to Carona for the Clairview train back the way I came. I'm usualy home by about 9:30pm. Except Friday, we get off a little earlier and I'm home about 9pm. Sat, like tomorrow, I'm up at 8am and out the door just before 9am. I work from 10-2pm. I usualy get home Sat around 2:45pm. If I work the full week, I'll get 23.5 hrs. But next week I want to put a few afternoons in.

Sunday I have off.

Then Monday, it's back to the whole routine again. The only diviation from that is when I go to lodge the first Thursday of each month or sometimes the 2nd Thursday if we have an emergent meeting. Pretty exciting life hey? Like I need a cell phone.

Most of my off time, I'm in front of this computer, writing. I make no meals for myself. I haven't changed a light bulb since I got married. My wife does all the chores in the place and she vacumes the carpet everyday. She doesn't complain at all. We have a great life here and for the most part things are quiet around here. We have our 4 cats, 2 budgies, a few hamsters but they belong to my wife and we also have 4 gold fish. Can't forget about them. Life is good. I have a job and even though sometimes I hate it especialy when Will has his stero turned up. I can't stand working like that so Monday, I'm going to complain to Rob.

But lunch is made for work and I'm about to go to bed after I post this and listen to Coast and George's crazy Open lines. Yeah, like I have it real tough here. Not.

Sorry for any typos, well not really.


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