Friday, June 02, 2006

We went to
bed about 3am and I slept until 6am, I slept again until 9am when workers began moving and doing something to the suite above us. I asked Anne to put the air conditioner back on and I was able to fall back to sleep and I woke up suddenly 10:45am and the door was locked. Okay, I needed to pee and from there back to bed. I don’t know how long I slept because the time still read 10:45am. I got out of bed realizing Anne set the alarm at that time. Froze it. When I checked on the time, it was 12:40pm. So actually I slept from 9amish until about 12:40pm. Almost 4 hrs + the 3 I got earlier=7 hours. M/l. But I feel refreshed. First time this week sleep has left me feeling refreshed. Still reading Swain and planning for my story.

So Caolina and Edmonoton will be facing each other off on Monday. The Oilers won't win the Stanley Cup but that's another rant of mine left elsewhere. Speaking of which I should get ahold of Markus and get my website password. I seem to have lost it. This way I can post my rants and link them here for anyone that wants' to read my dribble.

Well, there's a good chance, I will go to the lodge BBQ on Sunday. Anne is incouraging me to go. I don't have my calendar handy so I don't have the exact time here but if it's on Sunday afternoon, then I'll go. Nice to get out with the guys and maybe have a few beer and a couple of burgers or whatever. It's just like a giant Festive board.

That's all for now.


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