Thursday, June 15, 2006

afternoon on my way into work I wasn't feeling that great. I mentioned this to my wife as she lay there in bed still feeling ill. But I got a bus to the train and waiting there at Clairview station I felt ill. My stomach ached. I knew something was up. I felt worse at Belvedere and no improvement at Stadium. I was still determined to go into work. At Churchill I was getting worse and figured I'd call in. I got off the train and called the boss much to his dismay that I wouldn't be coming in tonight. I decided to take the train to the University end of the line and got as far as Bay station and boarded the Clairview train to double back, thinking enough of this business. I was feeling so bad I puked in my little knap sack on a crowded commuter train home.
I wasn't feeling any better. I was able to get a bus and wandered home much to my wife's surprise. Anyway, I was puking later that night and pooping it out and puking at the same time. I had the runs all Wednesday and even though I was able to watch the Oiler game :-) I was still running back and forth to the bathroom. Last night I had sever stomach pain and my stomach inside felt like some witches cauldron but Anne gave me some of these gas relief pills and that helped. It still feels bad. I had the runs all night long. At one point I was in such pain I was asking Anne to call me an ambulance but I felt better and pleaded with her to call it off. She did. False alarm. She was feeling ill as well beginning Monday night.

This morning I felt better but still woozy. Anne made me some scrambled eggs around noon and I ate half of them. We decided we should go to the medicenter nearby in the rain and we ended up after a long wait before seeing a Doctor. We got a note for work and we we're suggested to take something like Gator-aid and soup because neither of us had an appetite over the last couple of days so we're losing salt and water. So we went to the McDonald's in the same strip mall and I managed to eat a Jr. bacon cheese burger, she a chicken burger and we shared some fries and I had a coffee while she went to the bread market on the same property.

I waited for the bus as she wanted to walk home and I got off just before the 50th st/137th Ave corner and walked the rest of the way home in the spitting rain. The air was refreshing. I took my insulin getting in at just after 5pm and watched wrestling. I didn't know it was on at 6pm. I'm still not feeling well, and Anne said for me to stay home tomorrow night as well and if I'm up to it go in Sat morning. Which I will.

Well, there you have it. On the weekend after I feel better I'll be working on CH.

That's all for now.


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