Monday, June 12, 2006

tonight could
very well be the last Oiler game at Rexall place for the season. The series heads for two games at Raleigh NC, Wed and probably Saturday. Firstly the Oilers need to win tonight. I won’t even go beyond tonight.

I got up about 5:30am to do the cbi think after Anne got up a few times feeling ill so I didn’t sleep that well. We think it’s a local thing and nothing like bird flu or anything like that. Just a virus that went through her system. Bird flue hasn’t (here and in large massive numbers) reached that mutated phase yet where it’s human to human transmission. At least in pandemic proportions. I think there may have been some extreme case where it has mutated into the H5N1 virus many watchers feel will wipe out half of humanity. I don’t think it will come to that. But my wife has got something, so I’m staying home. She was crying and feeling miserable. She’s on the couch moaning and groaning. She thinks it was food poisoning and crying.
My wife come first before the friggin job does. Even though there is an Oiler playoff game tonight, I’m still home. It still works well in my favor. The job can go to hell. I can always get another job. I get no respect there anyway. Will has his big stereo on making the job even harder to do then it already is. Nobody likes me there. I’m still stuck at $8/hr after 6 yrs. Yeah I’m really pissed off. But I’m still going to call in at 4:50pm to say to Will my wife is sick. At least I deserve the job that much.

Since I'm home, I'm going to work on my writing a little this afternoon. Do I feel guilty not coming in tonight? No way. And after the game I'll watch RAW.

Well tonight could be the last Oiler game at Rexall Place for the season. What a run. Upsetting the first place Detroit Redwings, 8 playoff wins back to back. Our starting goaltender Roli taken out in the first game of the Finale. The first ever successful penalty shot in the NHL playoffs, not too mention 17,000 fans singing the national anthem making front page news, the riots on Whyte Ave. It’s been quite a playoff run and this could very well be the last playoff game of the 2006 season. What a run indeed. If the Oilers don’t win tonight, then they deserve high praise for all their accomplishments. I have a feeling they will win tonight.

Go Oilers Go!


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