Monday, June 26, 2006

That was
a nice relaxing day today. I watched 2 movies. Danny Kay "Up in Arms." and "Buck Private" with Abbot and Costello. Anne made a nice prime rib and I did some more reading on Swain.

Earlier I did another draft of CH and I have the story down to 5050 words. I want to cut it down to just under 5000. So far it's going good.

I'm going into work at my usual time today but I'm going to try and put 3 afternoons in this week and I'll bring my insulin in with me so I can take my 3pm shot and store it cold in the staff fridge. I'm just a little concerned about my insulin being tampered with or down right stolen on me. If that happens I won't do any more afternoons.

The great Hawking's debate at AGF still goes on. I made another comment here. My nick name is Sebek93


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