Thursday, June 08, 2006

that hammering
has been going off and on since 7:30am this morning. I had just got back to bed after getting up to do the cbi thing and off it goes. They are “working” on the vacant suite above. Hammering what I don’t know. But it stops for a few minutes then a few minutes later five bangs a long pause then a few more then a bang. It’s sporadic hammering but enough to wreck my sleep.
Well, I had 3 hrs. Watch as soon as I go back to bed, it’ll happen again.

Anyway, one of my favorite TV shows when I was growing up was The Wild, Wild West. Not the movie. I hadn’t seen the movie yet and I will when it comes to cable. I liked the original TV series. They had well over 100 hour long episodes. I mention the WWW because this is the shows 40th aniversary. Good stuff.

Well, the hammering seems to have stopped. Watch, I’ll go back to bed and it’ll start up again. I mean these people have all afternoon to do this. In the afternoon, I don’t care. At least it’s a reasonable to do all this crap and not at 8am in the morning.

On Anne her way out the door Anne was talking to somebody in the hallway. I looked through the crack in the opened door and it was one of the cleaning girls and Anne asked about upstairs and yes people did move in there with a couple of kids. If they do it again, complain. So I got 1.5 hrs in after that. I think an after the hammering stopped I went back to bed at 9am and that’s when Anne got up . I think maybe I slept a total of 5.5 including dozing off while Anne was and still is at Superstore. At least we know now, that it isn’t work crews. I can tell these people are not going to be good neighbors.

The rain is coming down very nice now. I did a bsl reading at 8.8. I can live with that. It’s still high but livable. So today, Anne got her pay and I get mine later. I like how she and millions of other Canadians get their pay and even Welfare cheques get everything direct bank deposit. Except where I work. If I could work after 9pm, until say to midnight, I would. But we don’t have that option. They do at Pizza. I could work from 1:30pm-4:30pm but then I’d have to get up early and I’d miss the markets and Rob would still not pay me. I’ve been in X way to long now and I think it’s time for a change and plus it’s important for me to have my weekends off but that's all for now.


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