Tuesday, June 20, 2006

okay, what’s on
my plate today? Not much. Working on CH a bit and into work this afternoon. I’d like to go into Audrey’s and see if my 2 books I ordered are in but I’ll probably do that Sat.

This week I want to work the whole week plus also have a few afternoons in there as well. I want to go in Wed/Thur afternoon. That would give e 29.5hrs in. That would give me $100 left towards getting those books.

I went to bed last night about 1:30am but Anne’s Hamster kept me awake sawing wood there and pretty loud as well until it moved on latter. So I got up about 2:50am or so. I might have had 2 hours. I got up to watch HGWT and I stayed up until about 4:45am doing some work on CH and to do the cbi thing. I think I was in bed by 5am and I slept until 11am and dosed off but up by about noon. I think I got 8hrs in there at least.

My project for June is to get those books. July some more Ram and Toner but like I said, I need extra hours to do that. My goal this week is to get a least 2 afternoons in. The only problem is that I'm diabetic and I need to take my insulin shots at specific times of the day. I could bring my insulin with me and take it at 3pm. I don't need much with it. A sandwich will do. I'd need to leave out of here around noon and it's only 2 days of the week. Say Wed/Thur.

That's all for now.


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