Thursday, June 01, 2006

Okay, welcome
to a new month. This Spring has gone by incredibly fast. The big news here is the Oilers are in the Stanley Cup finale.

But on a distressing note, well it wasn’t really distressing but a bit alarming. I found out today that we at X start new people off at just above min wage and that’s what I’m getting paid after working there 6 years. And I'm a tap shooter. But Anne made me realize that even though I’m at an entry level wage, I’m not under a lot of pressure and not just that but if I need to take a day off once or twice a month, they aren’t going to come down on me. So in essence, I really have it a lot better off then new people. But the minute they start new people off more then the entery level, what I'm getting now then I'll be asking for the going rate if not more. The average call center wage is $12 hr.

For now, I don’t feel to bad. I went back to bed about 5:15am and I T&T for about an hour. I think I slept maybe 5hrs. If I’m lucky, and I can live with that.

Did my bsl reading this morning, sitting at 12.9. Very high. It’s been high over the last several days here. So from now on, I’m walking home from the lrt. I should even try to walk from here to the lrt but I’m carrying Anne’s bag and my own. Would be very hard to carry both without breaking up a sweat on the way in to work. I don’t mind sweating on the way back, that’s alright but not on the way in, unless Anne has the night off. Then walking to the lrt should be what I want to do. Exercise keeps my bsl down.

Good thing today is another hot one. I like weather like this but it’s tough to sleep overnight because the high temperatures outside heat this place up like an oven. It could be +10* out there overnight but still 25 in here or about 80*F. We only have the one fan in the bedroom but we also have that air conditioner and Anne is probably going to set that up as well latter. That will help.

Still working on a better version of Cross-hairs. I got some good stuff in the story and even though this will be about my 8th version now when I get it finalized, I think this one will get my foot in the door.

The new version of Superman opens to theaters soon and I'm looking forward to it But it's probably just another origins movie. Speaking about supreheroes I miss my old comic book collecting days. I stopped collecting after comic book prices went to $1.00. I think at one time I had well over 30 titles every month. The stories were good and the art for the most part was awesome but the stories still had that juvenile teenage appeal to them and at that time in my 30's I outgrew them. That and the soaring prices made me gag. I was spending $30 bucks a month on comics alone. Today a comic book just off the shelf is about $3.00 for a current issue. Of course the content has expenaded but factor in the gst the comics become $3.21/comic. If you live in other parts of Canada there's a sales tax as well. I really don't know how Marvel and DC can stay in business at the prices they charge for these books. And I used to think .35cents was high. Welcome to inflation.

More on that later.


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