Saturday, June 17, 2006

I’ve got some
water boiling on the stove for a cup of coffee. I shaved and I’m getting ready to go into work this morning even though Anne wants me to stay home but she convinced me to remain home anyway. I tried calling the answering machine at work but the voice mailbox is full. So I’ll stay home today and the weekend. Monday morning I’ll go down to A and fill out the application. So then today, it’s back to bed and then this afternoon, Anne is going to cut my hair and get my chips and dip for tonights Big Game and that will round out my weekend.

The only thing I want to hear this weekend is The Oilers have forced game #7. And if they can force a game #7 after this series, then that in itself is an unbelievable acomplishment. The fans tonight are going to go nuts at Rexall Place after Pissani’s SH OT game winner the other night. What a thing of beauty that was.

I’m really having some difficulty starting this CH story. Is there some conflict with my 7 point plot outline and structuring a scene? I’ve written this story a half doz times before. Why am I having trouble with it now? What was wrong with it before? It wasn't much of a story before.

I went back to bed about 8:30am this morning. I had slept without too much trouble even with the coffee in my system and if it wasn’t for the phone ringing I would have slept some more but I dozed off and got up around noon. I had another coffee and started writing CH with little success. I get 2 pages done, the copy stinks and I start again. That sort of thing.

I had to poop and my stool is still yellow. Flue is still in my system obviously and Anne had a good idea taking this weekend off. I’d only get $30 on my cheque next week anyway and that won’t do us any good. Anne gets her cheque this week coming up anyway. We got plenty of food in the house our bills mostly caught up and we’re so far doing okay. Not great but surviving. Existing really but we’re not complaining. We’re more worried about this flue getting out of our system then anything else.

This is a good story. I can visualize the scenes in my head. They are well framed. The characters need more fleshing out but that will come during the story and revision to follow. I’ve even got a pretty good outline. I know what happens at the end but I’m spinning my wheels here.

Maybe it’s just getting over this flue and my current problems with work. I’m going to call A this weekend and see if I can get anyone on the phone and find out where for sure they are located. If I can change my job and get some better conditions and get out of X maybe that will help. I don’t think though my writers block has anything to do with my current woes. Maybe the flue in my system but exterior stress, not at all. This is just a temporary setback. It's probably a combination of this Oiler series and the flue that's getting on me.


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