Sunday, June 04, 2006

It’s very warm
in here. I’m having my first coffee. That gavel finally kicked in about 4am and I slept for 2.5hrs and got up around 6:35am and did the cbi thing and went back to bed. By 7am I was sound a sleep. I did a bsl reading and sitting at 10.4. I slept until just after Noon here. Uggh. That gravel pill is still in my system.

Alright, what’s on my plate today? Brunch, Daneil Boone, more Swain and possibly going out for my walk. I’m also going to plan CH armed with Swain. Not much going on today. This gavel in my system is making me lethargic. I did another bsl reading and I'm at 9.9.

Tomorrow, I'm going to order a couple of books Bickham/Marshall (bm) and pick something out from my sidebar. Also, I think Tues/Wed, I'd like to work some afternoon shifts so I can get that PoBox # ready, money for that. Then the next week open up the bank account and have the bank card sent to my box #. The reason for the private /secret bank account is so I can start saving for a rainy day. My "big project" for June.

July I'm going to write CH the short story and I hope to have that done by the end of June. Then plan for CH the novel this summer. Et, I'm going to place on hold until after. I'll have bm and Swain and then plan for CH the novel. I'll probably start CH Labor Day weekend. I already have more or less the story idea in my head and writen down. CH rough draft should be written around the end of Oct. Ready to be sent out Jan 07.

Anne's going out to the dollar store up the street here and I might go for a walk after Daneil Boone. I like the hour long action adventure tv shows like that. The older ones. I can't get into Andromeda or even the new Battlestar Galactica. It's silly and has too much political corectness in it for me and the camera is all herky-jerky. Also, BG is too dark. Nothing like the original. It's coming into it's 3rd season this fall I believe. I wish it all kinds of success but it's not my kind of sci-fi. The older BG, now that's my kind of sci fi.

Thats all for now


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