Saturday, June 03, 2006

it was breezy
but sunny going into work this morning. Feeling strange without my morning coffee. I had my Mp3 player and Clash tunes going on. Things were going along just fine until at Belvedere one of the new young fellas recognized me on the train. He smiled my way and joined me. Rats. I was friendly and felt okay and he went on and on talking about his time in jail and just giving me the big run down about his “jail-time adventures”. If you can call it that. Anyway, the first half of the shift was going slow but I was on pace with just about everyone else. The second half was a lot better doing “Winnipeg Police All star baseball.” I managed to talk to some nice people and got a $50 credit card and ended up with $750. I think I was the 2nd top total but no bonus for me. But I did get my $2 donut. However I never did manage to call anyone from the lodge about the bbq so it doesn’t look very good for me going tomorrow. I was really wiped out on the way home and I wanted to walk hone but I abandoned that idea and I got in about 2:45pm.

Anyway big news on the National front. Seems our intelegence community here in Canada went and uncoverd a massive Al Queda inspired plot by home grown muslim extremists. Apparently these 17 men and teens had something like 30tons of amonia nitrate (fertilizer) and cell phone detonating like devices. Pretty amazing bust.

Dinner was pretty lame and barely filled me up. I had $30 bucks but Anne took $10 of it today. I think I will buy myself a book Monday and order another book on writing. There’s two more I want to pick up. Bickham and the Marshal Plan. And I’ll order those 2 books Monday and pick up something (if any are in) out of my sidebar.


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