Thursday, June 29, 2006

I’m onto my
first coffee. We had the air conditioning unit on all through out the night. Just like the weather forcasted yesterday, temps are a lot cooler out there. +18 and should go up to 21 as a high today. Just the way I like it.

We went to bed about 3am and I got up just shortly before 7am to do the cbi thing. So I had about 3.50hrs of sleep. I took a bsl reading and at 8.5. I went back to bed and had a rough go of it. Sleep came by hard. I think maybe another 4 hrs but I can't be sure. But I got enough sleep. I’ll do my bsl reading again just before supper. Then into work for 4 hrs. Enjoy it while I can because when that extra $300 stops coming, I’ll be looking at getting another job or putting more hours in on this job. I don’t see myself putting in more hours here on this job. I think though, beginning next week, I’ll be putting in a few afternoons.

Because I had a br break again last night I ended up placing a few buttons in my sidebar. I have an Atom Feed button I subscribed to and it works and a few other buttons as well that work, except they don’t seem to want to all lline up properly. I think the problem is there is no
between the Powerd by Blogger button and the first new button. I’ll try and implement that before I leave for work this afternoon.

I had a nice "Chat" with Esper at AGF yesterday about Xbox 360 Oblivion. Now I wouldn’t mind getting a 360 and playing this thing but is it HD TV compatible? Can I play these games on my non HDTV monitor and when I’m ready to get the HDTV later on as we hope to get later during the year will I be able to play 360 games (Oblivion) in HD format? I don’t want to get the 360 and find out it’s not HDTV ready. I’d be wasting my money.

My first priority is my writing but I’m not really a TV person except for maybe the Westrens and watching TV while we’re having supper and of course Oiler hockey games and wrestling and of course the news. I’d rather work on a story and do my Blogging then watch TV. Except sometimes on 49 the old movies, there sometimes is a movie I wouldn’t mind watching once in a while. Most of the time I’m in front of this monitor.

In a rush, check for spelling later and I repositioned that html code so the buttons line up bettter now.


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