Friday, June 16, 2006

I'm beginning
to feel a lot better. I was able to crawl into bed around 3:45am this morning and I passed out and Anne stirred to wake me at 8:45am. I slept for a good 4hrs but couldn't get back to sleep after I did the cbi thing but I'll get back to bed after I post this. I'm concerned about my job at the moment what with me just phoning in only for Tuesday and not the other days and today. But I'll go in Saturday morning and they'll get the idea that because I'm not there today and all to pick up my pay cheque I must be ill. I'm still not out of the woods yet though and I'll be off today at my wife's request.

Also, I want to go into Audrey's books tomorrow and see if any part of my order is in. Anne gets her cheque next week and money from home at the end of the month plus I'll get a full pay cheque (not next week obviously) at the end of the month. If I still have my job. All things considering, we're not doing to bad but with both of us being ill and all this week we're slightly behind. We'll bounce back.

Once my books are in the next thing on my want list is Ram. This computer is very slow to boot up after security does it's thing, it almost takes a good 15min before I can do anything. I still have the original Ram that came with the system. A min of 256k. It can barely process web pages. To bring the machine up to full capacity of 2Gb Ram will cost me just over $215. But I have a lot of crap on this computer slowing it down. After the Ram, I want a better printer but of course I need a cartrige for this one. D0 I pocket the $100 for the ink cartrige and continue using this crapy printer or buy a new printer? I'm leaning towards buying the new printer but that won't be until the fall at the latest. This printer was bought used from a co worker last November for $50 and came with almost half a cartrige of toner. It was a bitch taking it from the old office home on the train. A new printer is a looming priority on the horizon.

All these things are fine and well but costs money. I have a job but the thing for me is I've been growing lazy in my middle age. I put enought time in at work just to get by but that's got to change and will before the month is out. Even if I just put in 2 afternoons. I hope to do that begining this week. Seeing as how other then CH I'm not working on any big project at the moment.

Anyway, that's all for now.


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