Sunday, June 11, 2006

I went to
bed with that travel pill in my system. We were done the back rub just after 1am. I think I was asleep by 1:30. I woke up at various times to use the bathroom of course but I wasn’t paying attention to the time until I got up and thought. Uh-oh. I got to do the cbi thing. What time is it? 9:40am! Yikes. I slept 7.5hrs strait. I don’t think I slept that long in a long time. I went back to bed for a few more hours and I got up just before noon to fire up the computer and make my coffee. I think all in all. I had close to 9,5 hrs of sleep. I needed that.

Not much on my plate this after noon. I’m still trying to find an easy way to resize those Amazon book cover thumbnails. Someone from the Blogger forum gave me some code but my sidebar, even though it looks like I can fit two images side by side, I can’t place them because the curser link for that image stretches all the way from right to left of the sidebar. So, I’ll be tinkering with that all afternoon most likely. As well as write some more CH. Basicly it’s going to be brunch, Daniel Boone, computer, supper, computer.

If this Carolina/Edmonton series goes 2 games there two games here type thing then and if there is a game #7 then game #7 will be here on Monday June 19th. That is if the Oilers can win the next game and tie the series up. They need to win one in Carolina. If they can win one there then I’ll be able to see another Oiler game next Saturday. If the Oilers can win the next 3 games, they’ve got the Cup. But Carolina is way too strong. But at least the Oilers can beat these guys at least here in Edmonton on home ice. The Oilers hadn’t played Carolina all last season. But if the Oilers can win Monday night, then this series could go the same way the Sj series did. If the Oilers can take it Monday win the next game in Carolina, then they could win the Stanley Cup next Saturday and that game will be here but they got to win Monday before I believe they can go the rest of the way. If the Stanley Cup is game #7 here a week from Monday (if they win this Monday) then I’ll take Monday night off.

This week, regardless I want to put in some afternoons. I’d like to put a full week in and of course Thur morning so I can go into the lodge for Thur night. And this time, I’m going to make sure Frank is there so I can pay my dues and get them out of the way.

My goal this week then is to put in 32.5 hrs including Fri afternoon and Friday night of course. I should have $284.54. The Feds will take maybe $31 out of that. I should be left with $253. Around there. I should get $123>$125 after Anne gets her share. Now with that, I’ll get the post office box and then open up a bank account so the bank card comes to my box # I’ll deposit $50 in my account and keep $25 for spending cash. Because if something ever happenes to me, at least Anne will be looked after for the short term. The rainy day isn’t just for me, it’s for Anne as well. But if I can work those hours 32.5 then that will not only cover my insulin but also it will cover my other medical expenses. If I can deposit $100/week in one year including interest I’ll have a nice sum of cash by the end of the year. I’ll do this for about 3yrs. For as long as I can. I might even just do 2 afternoons after this week. We'll see.

So this afternoon, I'm going over Swain a bit more and review what I missed and organize my notes. Maybe even write another scene on CH. The whole idea is to get this story done by the end of the month. Work on it in July and have it go out the door maybe even by the end of August. I like the webzines in some wat's because in some cases they'll accept longer works but they don't pay very well. After I get Marshall and Bickham, I'll get the Marshall workbook later. These two books should be in by the end of the month.

That's about all for me today. Anne's working on a late brunch and I'm going to post this and make my Blog rounds. I'm really in the mood for playing some D&D on the computer but this PC isn't set up as a gaming platform. I'll need a graphics card to do this. I hear World of Warcraft is pretty good but I don't have the capabilliy to play it on this machine.

That's another thing about a private bank account. I can get a secured Visa credit card and have it mailed to my Box#. I don't really need the credit card to play WoW because Furture Shop and others have 3 month gaming cards availible. They've been out for a few years now.

That's all for now.


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