Monday, June 19, 2006

I was in bed
by 1:30am listening to a bit of Coast. Art Bell last night, Et, God and Man. Well, I won’t go there today. I think I had slept through most of what I did manage to listen to and turned it off around 2:30am and passed out and slept from 2:30am-5:30am so I got 3 hours sleep. Maybe 4 off and on. When I got in at 6am I had trouble sleeping. I tossed and turned from 7-8am and dozed off here and there. My wife got up about 8:30am off to do some shopping and hasn’t been back yet. She received that black sheep money from home and is out spending money again. She gets her holiday pay and she won’t spend all of it and I get my pay cheque (I hope) today and if things go okay with the job and all, I’ll get a cheque, not next week but on the 30th. (I hope)

Today, I’m going into work and I feel pretty good, except with this pall of dread hanging over me. Well, I missed a week without phoning in too much. I called Will Tuesday night and that’s when I puked up on the train in my bag. Wednesday was a wash out. I had the runs all day. I probably should have called in on Wednesday but I was really out of it. I had stomach cramps and at one point Wednesday night I even had Anne call me an ambulance I was feeling that bad. Thursday rolled around and we were in the medic enter hoping to get some penicillin or something. I got a Doctors note. Friday, I was feeling a bit better but still feeling week and woozy though the stomach cramps were all gone. I was ready to go in on Saturday but Anne suggested I stay home. I still wasn’t feeling well. I needed those two days, Sat and Sun and here I am. I’m ready to go into tonight and face the music. Hopefully not much will come out of this sickness episode I had and I can just pick up where I left off. I’m going into work on my own without my wife this afternoon. I’m going to bring my walkman for the Oiler game but why bother? If they win, I’ll know about it from the people on the phone, my co workers and finally leaving out of the office tonight for the train. Now that I think about it I did Rob a huge favor by not coming into work even if I could. If I was there while I had the flue I could have take out half his phone room.

Last night I got the idea for another short story. it’s not an idea really but an inkling of a thought. Something just on the edge of an idea. I wan to polish and refine this story first. If all goes well, I hope I can have it finished and ready to be sent out Labor Day weekend. I still need to work on some minor character development in the story.

Anyway that’s all for now


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