Tuesday, June 27, 2006

I had a
slow night tonight. We started off doing Alberta Easter Seals, then we did CBF in the 2nd half.

Historically on this day, 1980, the last week in the month of June I was ready to move out of the Meyers. I had found a place a few blocks North of the Klondike Hotel. I recall how what an ugly scene it was leaving the Meyers. I paid Mr. Meyer. I gave him $51.75, I recall as is in the duplicate copy of a letter I gave dated the same night I moved out. My rent for that room at the time was $110/month which was pretty good but there was a lot of hassel living there and I can se why I moved out the way I did. Tomorrow would be the day. The 25th anniversary of moving out. I stayed at the new location barely a month. There was some disagreement about me there. I think it had to do with somebody already taking the place and somebody got their wires crossed. I found myself back over at Richards place August and sometime at a Transit Hotel. It’s a highrise apartment building now, but back in the day this hotel was a real rundown building. But living there was cheap even though there was no shower facilities. I think I stayed at Russels old place for a month. Then back at Richards and then we moved into that duplex in Riverdale. We Richard Ray and I stayed there Nov Dec and I moved down to Calgary and stayed with Charles from Jan-April. I came back to Edmonton 1981 and stayed with Richard at his place that Summer until about August when I met Theresa and I lived with her August 1981-Sept 1982. I moved over to Kind Edward Park shortly after that, Then I moved from there to the West end in Trudy’s home and the “head bangers.” I stayed there My 1983-1985. In 1985 is whee I had my first real apartment. I loved that old bachelor apartment. I stayed thre from 1985-1995. So today of course was the day I moved out of the Meyers. I got to get my camera hooked up so I can post some pics.

Anyway, I don’t know what the temperature is now but it’s pretty warm out there. If I had my camera working I’d go out on a Saturday and take some pictures after work but right now, I want to get one of those books.

Anne suggested I not bother working the extra hours this week. I’m going to do that next week though. I have a real hankering to get some proper bateries for my camera and post them. Sounds good to me. I also want to get a 1Gb SD media card. They certainly are cheap enough.


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