Tuesday, June 06, 2006

I had an hour
sleep until Anne came in and woke me up just after 3am. I tried to get back to sleep after that but no dice. So at about 4am I came out to watch some tv and I completed a Swain chapter and I went back to bed around 5am after the cbi thing. I slept off an on mainly getting up to pee. Still slightly haunted by the Oiler loss last night didn't help me sleep much either. Not just the loss per se' but about the Oilers losing Roly and of course the lousy play of Ty. The game was tied at 4 and just 32 seconds left on the clock to OT the Oilers blew it. It wasn't that Ty played badly stopping shots it was just his play behind the net. Of course losing Roly was devastating as it was. Also, the team played badly as well. A tripple whamy.

Now it's pay back time for me today going into work for missing last night without phoning in. I'm going to go into Audrey's to order my books and pick something up before I head into the office anyway. Now watch because today is 6,6,06, I'll end up getting fired for playing hooky last night. I doubt it though. The economy is too strong here and we can barely fill up a quarter of a section in the phone room as it is at night. We're lucky if we got 12-16 people atnight. During the day it's a little better but school is letting out soon and Rob is probably betting on a hoard of teenagers to work evenings. But since we moved into this new office, we've never had the section full. But that's also good or bad. Personaly I like it like this.

On another note about 6,6,06 today also marks the aniversary of another crittical date in history, June 6th wise. The allied invasion of Normandy in WW2. Otherwise known as D-Day. The date 666 is all nice and fun and all but to me June 6th has a more specific and relevant meaning. Next year will be 777. :-)

Other then odering my books today and try and pick something up out of my sidebar not much is going on. I colleted my notes out of Swain and put them all in a lose leaf binderthis morning. When I'm done I'm going to go over my notes and read the book again to pick out stuff I missed until the new books come in. Then like I said, I'll be ready to write CH from a new perspective. I can have the story written in one week. Then its just a question of fine tuning the details of what I learned.

Right now Anne is off on a bottle run and there's a kid running around upstairs because the caretakers are preparing the suite after that nice quiet old couple left. We got the bird cage hanging up behind the netting inside the ceiling of our balcony. One of these days I'm going to get a picture.

It's a sad day in Oiler land but the team feels confident that they will get the job done. Most fans here feel that, it's all but a for gone conclusion. Over. But remember, the Oilers only acquired Roly just after the Olympic break. Roly will heal and get stronger in the off season and when training camp rolls around Sept 16th the Oilers will be back in business. We may not win the Cup this year but the most hated team in the NHL (Oilers) will be back. I'm still optimistic that the Oilers will pull off a miracle. We'll see.

That's all for now.


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