Friday, June 23, 2006

I had a
decent night. Anne and I went into work feeling pretty good. She made me a nice bowl of chile and rice for lunch. I brought my sandwiches, coffee and pop in for the night. We had 5 tap shooters but I ended up with $648 and a $10 bonus for the first to hit $600. I was one $20 sale away and I got it. So that's $20 bucks for the week. $20 is $20. I also brought in a $50 credit card. All week, I brought in, $150 in credit cards alone.

Right after I got off the train I went to Audrey's books and my order is in. One book is $17 and the other is $24 so I'll get one book next Friday. The cheque with my stat pay on it will be less $130 will be mine. If I work Mon-Fri afternoons then with the stat pay and vacation pay, I should have a decent cheque and half of my Ram and a book covered for. I'll be on pace for the Ram for July 15th.

I got home without incident and fired up the computer. Anne called me about 30 minutes ago saying she would be late. I'm pretty tired so I might have an early night tonight.


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