Sunday, June 18, 2006

I got up about
10 min ago with a bit of a burst of energy to see what my bsl reading is going to be like after the donut and all the chips and dip celebrating the huge Oiler win. I went to bed at midnight and passed out here and there. I recall listening to Art on Coast for a bit but I turned it off and passed out. So I’m awake right now wanting to do some writing in Ch for an hour.

Some 5 hrs later: I got back to bed about 6am and slept until 11:45am. I got up to watch Danger Bay and an old show on Ghost Towns, adventure stories bassically. Good show too about old prospecting stories in BC. durring the gold rush in the late 1800's. I just came off of watching one now around the old Camp McKinney mine area just Wast of Osoyoo’s BC south of Penticton. Somewhere buried in that area near the Camp McKinney site off the old stage coach road are a couple of gold bars. The last guy to have them back in the day was killed returning back for them and had nothing more then a candle and some string to measure how far in the mine he had come out of. I think 1892 something like that. Apparently the story goes is that the guy was in a three way double cross originally set up by one of the managers of the Cariboo Mine. There are hundreds of abandoned mines and caves and holes in the ground the story teller said and that sow was told some 15 years ago as it was. Some of those caves have sinced caved in as well over the years. There was also a forest fire in 1931 that destroyed most of the town. It’s a big treacherous area but it was a fun story. I imagine most of that land today is Privately owned. Still it was a fun story.

Anyway this morning I spent about an hour on CH and did another scene. I’ll be doing some more after Daniel Boone and the haircut Anne wants to give me and work on that the rest of CH for the day. But now it’s off to do some Blog rounds. I'm making good progress on the story and I'm excited about it. I can't wait to win I can post it.


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