Monday, June 26, 2006

I got to
bed about 3am and slept until 6:15am or so and did the cbi thing. I was back in bed by about 6:40am and I slept until Anne set the alarm waking me up at 8am. And for no apparent reason but I was able to sleep until about 11 am. So I got 7hrs sleep. I think the alarm was set from Saturday when I got up to head off into work,

Well this August will have been 28 years ago I left quiet New Westminster for Edmonton. My brother Mikes wedding. I didn't think I'd stay. August 19th 1978. I arrived that week I think I left on that Wed August 16th 1978. It was at the Via Rail train station. The building is still there today even though the area has been built up quite a bit. It's been quite a ride over the last 28 years and as far as I know, Mike and Doris are still married and have Grand children.

Not much going on today. I'm going into work for 4 hours. It's very warm in here and I'm perspiring. Temps should reach up to 28* today which is 82F. This doesn't happen very often here. Maybe 2-5 times a year. When it gets to 30C that's 86F. I think those are normal temperatures for places like Dallas. 20C is their "winter"

By now most of you have heard Billionaire Warren Buffet has donated the bulk of his wealth to the Bill Gates charitable foundation. Why give it to Bill Gates I don't know. Apparently he gave the bulk of the money to Gates but other charitble orginizations got some of the cash as well it seems.

So, on my plate today will be Blogging, Swain, I'll have my shower and shave as I get ready for work and my supper and we'll leave out of here for our jobs, Then I'll get home about 9:30pm and watch my wrestling to close out the rest of the night.

I'm currently working on CH and fine tuning that and planning my next story. I'm attempting to pin down the more subtle aspects of the story and developing stronger characterization. And of course getting the word count down to just under 5K

There's also another post of mine on the Hawkings debate. This will probably be my last post on that thread. See the link below on one of the other posts.


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