Friday, June 23, 2006

I ended up
watching Adam-12 and I tried going back to sleep but Anne's Hamster was chewing away at something so I got up to read a bit.Then I came in about 3am and slept until about 6am as I was fending off cats jumping off the dresser landing on me because Anne put that stupid plant vause up there. I got up around 6am to do the cbi thing and I was back in bed shortly after. I slept okay after that so, I think I got a full 7hrs. At least once I removed the vause.

Not much going on today. Into work and that's 3.5 hrs. I might pop into Audrey's books and see if any of my order has arrived. At least I can find out how much the book/s cost. I've got $10 here towards one of them for next week. I'll probably get the MP book first before Bickham. Bickham the following week. We'll see.

In the news today there was a bit on Edmonton's Nanotechnology center. Apparently this is supposed to be the quietest lab in Canada. Nano tech is supposed to eventually be a Trillion Dollar + industry by 2015 the report said. Why Edmonton needs a Nano Tech Center, I don't know braisesrasies Edmontons high tech profile and that's good.

Coast over the weekend has replays but next week, Monday: Black budgets, Tuesday: Alien abduction, Wednesday: The Illuminati with David Icke (Alex Jones would fit right in there with Icke) Thursday: Parallel Universes. Wow, not a paranormal or horror element in the whole week. I missed the bit on the Red rain but I didn't want to stay up until 4am.

Anne is off up the street over at Walmart.

We're going into work tonight. Probably doing more on Comedy Fest. This campaign has been a real tedious exercise and I'm surprised were still getting the tap totals with it. Last night I wrote $606. That in itself is still quiet a feet but tonight it's only 3.5 hrs so at least I put the full week in after Sat. I want to put the full week in next week because of the stat pay. I was talking about this with Anne before she left about how in the New Year or just before, I'm going to have my holiday pay acured. If I can start putting in 3hrs starting next week, my vacation pay increases by a percentage every year. I think I'm at 5% right now. The thing is, head office places that on the pay cheque so I'm left with a chunk of that going towards taxes. Still, If I can get a cheque for about $600 at the end of the year, that's my rainy day start up money. but that's all for now.

The great Hawking's debate over there at AGF continues.


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