Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Did I ever
have a great night on the job last night. I ended up writing $1,870! A record night on the job total wise. We were doing Canadian Burn Foundation. I got a $150 sale the first 10 min into the shift and x3 $100 sales later that night. A fantastic evening. Did I get anything to show for it? Nada. I got to $960 in an hour and a half. This was an exceptional night.

It’s another beautiful day out there. Temps this afternon should reach 30+ Very warm out there. We went to bed around 3am and I got up about 5am to do the cbi thing and I went back to bed. I took my insulin at 8.6. Still relatively high. I’ll take it again just before 3pm supper.
Obviously I’m not taking the afternoon shift today. Not because of the heat but because I’m a bit ambivalent working extra hours that could slow down my performance. Even by 8pm, I’m getting tuckerd out because of all the energy I spend in the first couple of hours. Mostly because most of my turn downs occur after 7pm-8pm. My best hours are from 5-7 and 8-9pm. But I’m going to give t a try Thursday afternoon and see how that goes. The afternoons are usually slow but when Rob introduced CBF Don Smith and others were getting $800/900 totals. In 4 hrs. I was at $965 in an hour and a half but this wont be sustainable much longer. Maybe another $G night after that, we’ll see. In other words, don't expect to see much of me tomorrow.

I was watching a news item about the Harry Potter books and JK Rawlings has plans for only 7 books/movies in the series. It seems maybe 2 characters in the series are going to be killed off. She wants to end the series so others can maybe take it over where she left off. She made her Billions. I think the first book came out in 1997. It’s an amazing literary success story for sure especialy in an age of Steven Kings and George Lucas’s. Not much on my plate today.

We’re in the bowels of the dog days of summer folks.

In hockey news there’s a big meeting here in the City about a possible WHL franchise developing here. And of course more news could develop on the Chris Pronger front out of this meeting. I don’t think that anything will come out of that story today. My guess is there is still lots of summer left before any kind of a trade news is done. This Chris Pronger story is very similar to the Wayne Gretzky story when he got traded back in 1988. Seems there's always a woman in the background. I don’t think Gretzky wanted to go so much as his wife wanted him in LA to further her career. If there was no JJ in the equation what would have been Gretzky’s chances of him remaining here for a few more years? Probably pretty good. What good did it do for Gretzky after leaving the Oilers? He got the Kings into the finale in 1993 and that was about it. Montreal won that year. I’m not in any way comparing #99 to Chris pronger, no way but there are some similarities to Prongers leaving here and Gretzky.

Anyway, this is all for now. I want to do my Blog rounds and read a bit more from Swain before I head into work this afternoon.


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