Thursday, June 22, 2006

Anne received
her holiday pay and her cheque in our account today so that's okay. She's out now spending money but from working this week I'll get my cheque next Thursday and that will fall right on the end of the month. I'm going to have a full week in. 23.5hrs but that's got to go for rent. Next week though, I'll not only put in another full week, but I want to go down and work the afternoons. At least 3 of them. That will give me 32.5hrs. I should end up getting X. The feds will most likely take $24 out of that so I could end up with about X@ or X for myself. I'll save $ towards Ram and then next week, I'll repeat the above and I should have another and a bit towards actually buying the Ram. If all goes well, I should have the Ram bought and installed in this machine by the 15th. I'm going to go ats to FS first to see what their pricing for Ram is. If it's consistent with Memory express then , I'll buy it ats rather then going all the way out to the south side and buy it there. Then, I want to buy some of my books on order and of course Toner. In July I should have my Ram and Toner.

I didn't get to bed until 3am last night and I slept until 6am. I got up to do the cbi thing and went right to back to bed. I slept until 11 am so I got up to watch HGWT and The Rifleman. Both very good shows this morning. I think I got 8hrs sleep. That's enough for me.

Last night on Coast they were talking about the ancient Egyptians and the Sphinx. In the opening part of the broadcast, which I get at 3am they were talking about how the odds are becoming greater that the St Andres fault line is about due for The Big one. They've been predicting that for years now. But I liked the part about the Sphinx and how it seems that the Sphinx has been partially eroded by rainfall and through seismographic scanning have discovered there is a hollow cavity underneath the Sphinx. Very interesting show. Tonight they are going to discuss Morgellons disease and the story about the red rain that fell over Kerala India 2001.

Other then that, not much is going on. I'm going to go through Swain's once more and take out some of the fine points. So, I'll be going over that during the next couple of days. Still tinkering around with CH.

Odds and ends:

I've been reading an interesting bit on cyropreservation about freezing the body and reviving it later. Crystallization has been the biggest hurdle in that area but researchers believe they discovered a new method using a special kind of water, which doesn't do any cell damage. However the process is still in it's early stages of development.

A pretty good debate going on at AGF about mankind going into space. My contribution is post #24.


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