Sunday, April 23, 2006

yesterday I got off
work and had a slow start to the day no bonuses at all. I ended up posting this in my Blog and the bus driver mishap.

I got out of another br last night because I was really tired and after Knight Rider, I went to bed and fell asleep. Anne came in I don’t know around 3am. I slept until 7am so I had a good 5 hrs sleep and got up to do the cbi thing and I did a bsl reading. 12.8! Yikes. I went back to bed and slept until 10:30am because I wanted to watch the Oiler hockey game, which was on at 11am. 1pm Detroit time. The Oilers scored 2 quick goals near the end of the 2nd period. I was elated. Also, they were playing the trap a bit and ended up keeping the score 3-2 right to the 2 min mark. I thought, uh-oh, here comes Detroit with some preasure but the Oilers played it well and then the 1 min mark. Be still my heart. The Wings pulled the goal tender! The Oilers scored into the open net making it 4-2. Incredible. The serries is split. I still believe the Oilers to win in 7.

Anne made us Eggs Benedict for brunch I watched Daniel Boone. A bit of a foot rub for my wife while she’s having a cat nap. I’m about to go out for awlk latter on. But for now it’s back to work on Et.


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