Wednesday, April 05, 2006

work went well.
Anne and I had a bit of a blow up on the train but I had the idea to go up with her across the street to go over to Pizza. The blow up was short lived as well. I now know where they are, on the 17th floor and they have from the reception, a nice operation. There was no one there to greet me probably due to the changing of the guard. I got the application so that was okay. I don’t like the hours as I was a bit disappointed when the reception mentioned them. Mon-Wed, 4pm-4am and 11am-4am and I forget what she said about the hours on the weekends. I won’t work weekends and that’s probably when they need people the most. If all I can do is the 11-4 shift, then I don’t know. I could use one more day but what about if say I go in say 9-1am on a Fri and take the weekends off? I’d still go in Sat morning at my current job. I’d get 7hrs sleep if I’m up at 8am.

Okay. I may have missed observing the American way it's read but I was aware of the subtle “implications” (if any) of this 01:02:03 04/05/06.The moment was within this half hour. The event has come and gone. The next big moment will be 666. June 6th 6 day,06. The real way,the rest of the world writes it will be May4th not April 5th, so the blissful date is still a bit away for us here in Canada. We here in Canada and most of the world write it as day/month/year.

I made a lot of progress on Et earlier. I hacked and slashed and put a bunch of stuff in. But that’s all for me at the moment. Time for bed. Oh, I made a post in t93. First one for 2006. Lets see if it’s going to go through. All for now.

after his approval I added Robert J. Sawyers link to my list of Blogs. Robert’s Blog is an awesome Blog. Robert does great work helping Canadian talent bridging the gap between writer and author. I highly recommend his Blog and his recent book “Mindscan.” Excellent stuff.

Temperatures should climb today to +14* again. Nice. After a bit more work on the novel I went to bed around 3am listened to the news stories George likes to inform us about and I was asleep by 3:30am and I got up at 6amish did the cbi thing and I was in bed by 6:30amish. I had a good 7 hrs sleep. Anne is still sleeping.

So, I have my first coffee here and all is quiet on the home front. Lets dig into “Earth tones.”


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