Thursday, April 27, 2006

well, so far
pizza hasn’t called me yet. Of course I only filled out half of the application and they started their day shift just a few hours ago. They might call me when I’m at Xentel. We have a call display so we can see the number on the cell pbone. I really need my own phone. But pizza could call me yet.

I didn’t get much sleep last night. I think maybe an hour and most of that was rest. I watched a bit of TV and came in about 5am and did some more work on Et and I went back to bed I don’t know, 6:30am or so. I couldn’t say how many hours I got. I’m not tired though.

We got a bit of rain this morning as well before I went to bed but it was nothing to speak about. I think it lasted for about five minutes. We need a lotof rain here because it’s been so dry lately. there are a lot of grass and bush fires around town. The air was smoky coming home last night.
This morning I started doing more work on Et and I think I got the words I needed this morning.

Well, I did 2,064 words on the day. I figure I might be able to keep that pace. If possible. It’s going well and I like what I got so far,. Already on Chapter 2. If I can do 2k Mon-Fri and 3k Sat and 3k Sun, that's 16k for the week. I should be about done by the end of may early june.


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