Saturday, April 29, 2006

well, I don’t feel
to bad for somebody that had maybe 2 hrs sleep. I was mostly half awake and resting becsues it was so hot in this apartment. Time to break out the air conditioner. We’re going to have another hot one tonight I think.

Sigh, the Oilers game is on today at 1pm. We’re off at 2pm so I might get home to watch the end of the second or at least the whole of the 3rd period. If they can win in Detroit and split the serries, then they half to win here. In a way, I’d like to see them win both games but I’ve yet to

Also today is supposed to be "Super Saturday" at the Lodge. I want to get hired on at Pizza so I can change my hours and have Thur off for lodge night’s. I originaly said no more of this crap. And I mean it. I’m missing to many hockey games and too many lodge nights. ee them win two games back to back against Detroit, the top team in the league.

Also, I want to watch the Monday night Oiler hockey game. So I’m going to talk to Will about me going in Monday morning so I can watch the game and get my business done while I’m downtown. I can take any nights off I want as long as I work those hours mornings but I’d only work a few off during the week. Only during hocky playoff time.

Yesterday I ended up doing over 2k. 2035. Not to shabby. Today, I’m aiming for 3k. I’m going to get into a bit more before I head off to work.

Also, yesterday, George Norey celebrated his 5th yr as hosting Coast to Coast. good stuff George.

In national news the Canadian dollar hit an all time high at 90 cents US. First time since 1978. That's got good spin and bad spin. More on that latter.

That’s all for now


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