Tuesday, April 04, 2006

okay, work went
well. Apparently the kids spring break is over. But I had a leisurely walk into work and got to my work station and I was thirsty so I cracked open a can of pop and JT came in. I wanted to see where they go for their smoke break and we went upstairs to the patio/sun deck very nice. The view is right behind the Arlington apartments. I immediately thought of Anne/1980, that Summer. Anyhow work went slow for me. I ended up with $520 on a slow night. Twice in a row now I sucked at CHF.

Man does that campaign suck for me.

Bad as it was I ended up with a not bad total. What impressed me on the way home from the bus, just outside here was the spring air. Very nice. Not as nice as it was that day May 19th 1980. That was a special day in my life and I'm glad I have it written down. Not so much the day but the evening. I just wanted to sit on the bus stop bench and soak it in. The air was perfumed with lilac and as overcast as it was and rain on the horizon, I felt so good inside. So, content and at peace with myself. I wasn't out for very long just a short walk around the block but I could feel my life coming together. I was 28 and in love. God what was I thinking

When I went into work, I wore that old black wind breaker I had picked up from Tip Top tailors. I hadn't worn it in ages and even though I'm a bit bigger in the belly, I felt good wearing it. When I got home from work and Anne wasn't around, I tried on the other one. A purple blue lined wind breaker and that felt good on me as well.

Maybe I ought to do some writing. I feel like I want to do some as I mentioned to Anne, I want bed at 1:30pm and I'll give her another back rub. JT had mentioned he saw TNA Wrestling on Spike TV and I caught that before Raw. They have only a half hour show moving to Thursday nights in a few weeks. Their ring is hexagonal. Very nice to see other wrestlers there.

After I wrote the above I cut out 11 pages of et and I'll be inserting the new scenes in. I hope I can get a good 4 or 5 hours of sleep and wake up to do the cbi thing and gt a few good hours of writing done later this morning. I'm also working on my next novel giving lodge brothers some time off. I've got a good portion of this new novel initialling it as SO. SO's outline is about 50% completed and I hope like I said be able to begin work on this by April 15th.

I hope.


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