Saturday, April 01, 2006

March was a long
month. So this year we’re going to have daylight savings time turn an hour back the 2nd week in Nov. Day light savings time will start mid March next year instead of April like this year. So, this is the last year daylight savings time will start April 1st.
I decided to have a break tonight and do it again Sat night/Sun am instead.

foggy out there this morning. I ended up watching Paladin until 3am and I came to bed and past out. I had a good sleep and I got up at 6 and 7, 7;30 etc clock watching and fell back to sleep that sort of thing. Anyhow, I’m going to go into work at 9am and pack everything up gradually get dressed that type of thing. I’d like to do some writing but other stuff conflicting with that this morning.

After work, I’ve got to head over to Shoppers Drug mart and get a refill for my test strips so I’ll be home a bit latter. Hopefully the pay stub won’t be an issue this weekend. I’m rather
worried about that because I don’t ordinarily take pay stubs from her, I should but this week she all of a sudden needs them?

I had an okay day on the job as I ended up doing $654 and X2 $35 credit cards. Also, on my in I bought a Tim’s coffee and had that listening to some of my tunes and I rolled up the rim and I ended up with winning a free coffee. Nice.

I wanted to go down to shoppers but I was tired and wanted to go home and relax maybe get a nap. But I went and got the Tim’s coffee and the train home. I was a bit stressed out over the pay stub issue but if there’s no smoke there’s no fire. When I got home that’s the first thing I asked Anne about and sure enough she had picked it up off my desk earlier. No problem. I tried having a nap but the extra coffee and the stress of the pay stub and getting up early all took their toll on me denying me out of a possible good snooze. I can't sleep when I'm worried about something.


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