Tuesday, April 11, 2006

it’s beautiful out there.
I love April. Okay, sleep wise, I didn’t fare very well.I stayed up until 3am and I had maybe 2hrs after that. I decided to stay up and do some writing after the 5:30amish cbi thing. I cleaned up the climax scene and the aftermath scene. I even managed to put the bare bones on the epilouge when I decided at around 7am, it was time to get back to bed.

Sleep after that came hard. I think I dozed off around 8:30am and slept maybe 4.5hrs. But not all at once, what with Anne getting up and me getting up and the cats all over me. I might have got 6hrs sleep. Maybe.

I know I have some broken links. I just haven't had time to repair them yet. Sorry about this. I'll get on it over the weekend. I think what's causing the broken links is my lack of having IE7. I'm pretty sure this is a free upgrade by Microsoft but right now, I just don't have the Ram to run it.

This week marks the 25th anniversary of the Space Shuttle. April 12th 1981. Wow, hard to believe we’ve been with that old clunker for so long. I even mention the launch event in my old 1981 diary I have around here somewhere that Anne went and burried away in the vault. Was the Shuttle program worth it? Did it pay for itself? I think so. I don’t think Nasa is going to retire the shuttle program just yet. They will in 2010. That’s only 4 years away but Nasas CEV program $104 Billion dollars in 2014 will service the Space station. What a piece of junk that is. But any money spent on the space program is good money spent.


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