Saturday, April 22, 2006

I’m up a bit earlier
then usual. At the moment it’s overcast out there and it looks like it wants to rain. On my plate today, about 9am I’ll be heading out to work. I’ll pay Dale off that $20 I had to borrow because I ran out of insulin yesterday. I should have picked it up last weekend when Anne got paid but like most Thursdays, we usually get paid but we didn’t until last night. Otherwise I would have been fine. Do the job thing for 4 hours. I should be home around 3pm. If I’m tired I can always have a nap when I get back.

Last night though well about 6hrs ago, after I gave Anne the br, I listened to a bit of Coast. Art was supposed to have a show on tonight but got a cold so they are rebroadcasting one of their EVP shows and then Sunday George is doing an NDE show. Topics that aren’t up my alley. Very boring to me. I’ve got an Oiler hockey game but that’s a morning game around 11 am or something like that. Strange.

Other then that not much going on. I’d rather have played the Oilers play Dallas because of the time factor. Those games out East screw the Oilers and the TV schedual. last night the game went to double overtime. The Oilers got their feet wet and they can beat these guys. Watch for a better result Sunday. I still say Oilers in 7.

Anyway, I’m going to finish this scene I’m doing between Chapter 17-18, have my cereal and take my insulin.


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