Sunday, April 30, 2006

I woke up at
10 am and I couldn't fall back to sleep. I figured, may as well get up anyway, fire up this puppy and do some diary work. I was up at around 6am to do the cbi thing. Just having my first coffee as Anne is in there sleeping and I'm left still wondering why Pizza hasn't called? To be fair, we ran out of cell phone minutes last week and Anne only loaded again them up last night.

So, I figure why not get up anyway and after this, get some more work done on Et. Early this morning as Anne was doing laundry around 1:30am, I figured that seeing as how I have this extra energy I may as well see about getting at least 1000 words in on Et. I just closed off on that around 2:30am as she was pulling in the laundry hose. I shut down the computer and went to bed. We listened to a bit of Coast rebroadcastst and I shut her down ad past out until about just after 6 am when the cats were jumping all over me. I think all-in-all, I got 7hrs in. I'm good to go.

Now if I can manage it tomorrow, I'm going to drag myself into the morning shift and if Will is there just explain I'm going to do this for the Oil play-offs and for lodge nights. Also if I want a night off. That way after work tomorrow am I can run up to Pizza find out what's going on and or fill out the application properly. If they hire me there, then I'll work the min shifts possible and still keep my regular job until I can fit in and if I like what I'm doing there at Pizza. Then, I'll phase over to Pizza. Anyway a bit more blogging and I'm goinf back to work on Et.


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