Friday, April 07, 2006

I had a nice evening
at the lodge last night. We had I think about 18 people there. Very nice. The festive borad ended up with 2 tables. Usually we have 4. I had a nice disscussion with one of the regulars there I can’t recall his name though and he’s also a Coast fan and listens avidly. I had a nice chat with Garry as well. Nice guy. He’s a Dutch fellow. I don’t know if he’s related to John, Also Dutch. We have another emergent meeting in May and our regular meeting in June will be held at Fort Edmonton park as it’s Westren night.

Also Grand Lodge (District?) is going to be considering doing criminal record checks on all new petitions, maybe. Not that I have to worry about this. I know why though I was refused the first atempt to join a lodge back in 1994 was because I didn’t have the $200 fee. It was as simple as that. If GL does decided to do this then the fee will be substantually more. Most Govt employers request a crimminal record check anyway.

I took the garbage out earlier and went for a little walk out around the back here. It was windy and raining a bit. Well, spitting. We haven't had a really nice rainfall in the city in a long time. We usually get light rain here. Nothing like they do in Vancouver.

I also at the lodge had a Miller lite beer because it was the only thing in a bottle. But I’m going to the Super Sat April 29th and apparently we’re going to have a bbq after the 2nd half. So I want some cash for that. I also found a bit more on my digital camera and that at least from what Reg says, my camera only takes rechargeable batteries (rcb’s) because the voltage power is higher then non rcb’s, this is why those cheap batteries wont work even though they are AA's. So I need to get a battery re charger and some rechargeables. This is something I could get at Future shop and check into this maybe on the way home Sat from work.

Also one of the DeMolay fellow, another John, I asked him about is Treo and asked about what it costs to have email etc to the pda and he says it's $25 bucks a month. To rich for my blood.

That's all for now.


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