Monday, April 24, 2006

I got to
bed about 3am after working on the outline for Et. Most of the stuff, if not all of it in the original ms is there. I figure it should be ready to write, May first and I’m goin g to writ it with S/S in mind. Each S/S will be about 2000 words. I’m going to work on this for awhile and go back to bed around 8am.

I got up around 7am and stayed up until 9am when I was really tired and I wanted to wait till Anne got up so I can go into bed because she’ll wake me up when she gets up to get ready to go for her Doctor apointment, which was at 11:30am right across from where she works. I tried to publish the above entry to my Blog but Blogger wasn’t working for me. I went back to bed around 9am and Anne didn’t get out of here until just after 10am. I hope she made it for her appointment.

Anyhow most of the outline for Et is completed. I kept most of what I wanted but I took out the two negro boys. This is supposed to be an adult novel. By adult I don’t mean erotica.

Lots of people that drive cars are complaining around town about the price of gas at the pump being so high. I think here it’s $108/L. That’s because the price of a barrel of crude oil as of Friday was sitting over $75 a barrel. Highest I think it's ever been. It takes 2 barrels of Oil to make a barrel of gas. At the same time drivers don’t seem to realize that the reason why our local economy is so strong here is because of the Oil industry. The higher the price of Oil the stronger our local economy is. That’s why we were able to get that $400 rebate cheque back from Ralph in February. If the price of Oil remains high, then we could get another one before the end of the year.

This is why we will be filing our taxes tomorrow is because Anne is off tomorrow and she had her doctors appointment today. But tomorrow for sure. I might even get money back.

Sorry about the spelling. In a bit of a rush now.


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