Saturday, April 22, 2006

I almost got ran over
after work. I saw that #182 Abbotsfield bus on the East side of the East bus terminal at Clairview station. This was about 2:30pm. The bus was ready to pull out of the stall loop around and headed strait for me before leaving out of the terminal and onto the street.. At this point most of the drivers stop and let last minute straglers on before leaving the terminal. The bus was in the station and it wasn't like the bus was out on the street and I was hailing a cab. I had my bus pass out and I was right in front of the bus so I moved out of his way so the driver could stop to let me on. Instead the driver kept right on going and almost side swiped me over. I was really mad. I should have tossed something out at the bus. Of course there are no Transit supervisors out on the road on a Saturday afternoon when you need them. I tried to ask the next bus that came in, a Northgate bus if she could call the supervisor and give that last driver a scolding or something but I woud have to go out of my way to call the complaint line. Chances are the only thing I'd get is a recording. Monday or the next time I see a Transit Supervisor, I'll give them an earfull.

Well, other then that work went slow for me. I think I was lowest on the Totem pole. The only thing about going in was I'll get a .50 cent raise on my hourly rate next week and a full shift of hours. Other then that, I was still po'd. I still AM po'd. I'll get over it. That said, I think I'm going to get a nap and see if I can sleep.

That's all for now.


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