Wednesday, April 12, 2006

hard to believe I
have had my cat Pledges here since 1991. I was 38 yrs old. It was in June of that year. I think June 7th 1991 to be exact. Mary and Tracy got him for me at the Westmount pet mart. It was a Friday night, still light outside. I paid $100 for him and best money I ever spent. That was 15yrs ago and I think I still had my old Atari St hanging around. Matter of fact I wrote Meltdown on that machine. This was even before the Internet. Most importantly I was living at the bachelor apartment on156th st. I loved that place.

That was the year I was chasing after Mary. That summer I was in Vancouver for a weekend. The last year I saw Phil and Joyce.

Anyhow the trip into work was very nice. I felt good going in and I was prepared to do Baseball again and sure enough, we did. But I ended up with a dismal total of $197 I had $63 by break. I didn't care. I think only once person out of 5 of us got over $400.

Anyhow, I cut my losses and was glad to get out of there at 9pm. I was tired and I wanted to head home. And I was thinking about working a second job? If Pizza's hrs are 11am-4am and I can come in at any time, then I can leave out of here a couple of times a week and start at 1pm-4:30pm. But I doubt Pizza is going to give me those hours. Would be nice if they did.

I caught the bus home and walked around the back and the noisy neighbors are still below us. The air was mild and dark clouds above. The moon was shining in between the clouds. Very nice and pleasant to be out there. Wasn't like May 19th 1980 or anything like that.

After the br tonight I'm going to come back out here and work the snake scene a bit more. I also need to work on the aftermath and epilogue. I work a little bit each day.


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