Saturday, April 29, 2006

For some
reason the wip bar isn't displaying. I think I know why though. I'll have to correct that later in the morning. I didn't quite get 3k done today but I'm 8k into the story. I got 2k and a bit. i'm happy too with what I got. The story is less convoluted then before.

Anne made me a great burger and fries for supper while I watched a bit of the hockey game. I talked with Anne about going to work Monday morning so I can watch the Oiler game Monday night It's game 6 after all and I can get my business done with Pizza and go in and fill out a proper application. I can take it with me and go have a coffee at Second cup down there and return it once I'm done. They might hire me on the spot. hard to say.

Anyway there is an intersting (no doubt repete) of Jack Ruby on Biography tonight I want to see.


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