Saturday, April 08, 2006

Anne still isn’t back
from the bank yet but she’s bringing me back my $20 and hopefully I can get some rechargeable batteries for my camera on the way back from worklater thisafternoon. I’m waiting for Anne to come back so I can go to bed. I just know she's going to have to buz me. I don't like her going to the bank so late on a Friday night.

Seems Dan Brown waon the Lawsuit against him from the same authors that published Holy Blood Holy Grail I first read HBGB, I think at the Meyers place in 1980. I don’t know where my original copy went to but it most likely ended up in a used books store some where.

Tomorrow, I’m up early for the job thing at 8am and I will be back around 3:30-4pm after my trip to Future shop for batteries. I called them from work just before 5pm and they said any rechargeable should work. Okay but the kit itself is $60 bucks.

After I have a nap I hope to get a good session of Et writing in for tomorrow night. There is no more hockey until I think Sunday or Monday. But I need a good solid evening of maybe 2-3000 words in and another 3k at least for Sunday.


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