Thursday, April 13, 2006

After the br
I came back out to the office unable to sleep. So I fired up my computer and went to do some more work on Et. I had mostly formating chores to do and some rewriting of the aftermath. I have a prologue 35 Chapters and an epilogue, although Chapter 3 had to be broken up into two chapters so I'm going back and re-format everything before I print out a hard copy for the second rewrite. I want to make sure everything flows properly and check for pov, characterization, story elements, time and space, pacing etc. And that's even before I check for grammar. The whole book comes in at just over 85k.

Anyhow, it's off to work this afternoon and I'll get my pay cheque. A couple of things I'm watching for, this week. First, I hope and cross my fingers that AHC doesn't begin to take that $44 hit off me. Second: Because I had my scheduled night off, will Rob pay me that $30 bonus? I hope to see that on my cheque as well tonight. Third: Will I even have the full amount on my cheque? So far since we have moved into the new office, everything been accurate. knock on wood.

Also, tonight I'm watching like most Oiler fans the out of town NHL score board. Vancouver and SJ are playing again in SJ. The Oilers are playing the Ducks as well here. If the Oilers win here and the Canucks lose in SJ, or even if the Oiler game goes into OT and the Canucks lose tonight and their last game with the Avs then the Oilers might still be able to hold down the finale 8th playoff spot.

I decided as well, to opt out of the Pizza job and just go for a private bank account. Begining next week, I'm going to put some more hours in, after we file our income tax so I can get that letter of assessment. Next week might be: Monday business as usual. Tues tax time, Wed, Thur and Fri work the afternoon shift. That will get me 32.5hrs in.

more later. Come on Sj!


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